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At Protomet, we find engineering and manufacturing solutions for some of the world’s best-known companies. We have redesigned parts for vehicles, boats, defense, sporting goods, aerospace and other products you see every day. We also manufacture some of those high-precision components for our customers. Protomet provides a new and different way of looking at components for the companies we serve. At the end of the day, our real product is creativity.




In today’s ultra-competitive world, companies and products that aren’t constantly improving are left behind. Through innovative design, Protomet gives its customers a competitive advantage. We take our customers’ products – which are already standouts in their respective markets – and make those products even better.

“We have worked with Protomet for two years and we consistently get high quality work, on time and on budget. In addition, the expertise of the organization has saved us time and money by providing solid, real-world solutions to problems and opportunities. They have the right mix of design and manufacturing expertise to help bring new and innovative products to market as well as the in-house capability to provide full-scale production. It is a pleasure to work with the Protomet Team.”

Eric Dobson, President – Traklok




Because we look at the world differently, Protomet has the ability to not only bring revolutionary product improvements to the companies we serve, we also bring significant cost savings. Our clients typically see manufacturing cost reductions as high as 75-percent as the result of our efforts. Making better parts for our customers through design innovation, while reducing cost through our manufacturing process, is a formula that never fails.

“We wanted an alternative to a chrome finish. Protomet suggested a textured Electrobright™ finishing process that reduced our cost and provided a superior-looking finish. This eliminated the inherent pitting and peeling problems of using chromed parts in a marine environment. Protomet now handles the CNC machining and the finishing process for us. The engineers at Protomet will continue to be a valuable part of our innovation team.”

President – Tige Boats


Latest News

Protomet Corporation ramping up in Loudon County

Protomet Corporation ramping up in Loudon County

Hiring has begun – Job Fair announced for this summer OAK RIDGE, TENN. – April 17, 2018 – Protomet Corporation is quickly ramping up its $30 million expansion project in Loudon County. To-date, the company has hired 40 new employees as part of the expansion and plans...


For the past decade, Protomet has provided a fresh set of eyes to the world’s most respected and trusted companies. Our engineers consistently deliver innovations for our clients that dramatically enhance their products and, at the same time, reduce manufacturing costs. Let us help your company soar above the competition.